First Time Homebuyers


The Florida state sponsored First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) Program provides $15,000 in Brevard County for down payment assistance that covers almost all of the costs needed for you to become a home owner. Initial qualification requirements are to have never owned a home, not owned during the past three years, or you’re a Veteran/Active Duty Military. Whether you already live in Brevard County or are moving here, you can participate in this amazing program!

The FTHB program allows you to buy a single family home, townhome, or condo. Significantly, Brevard County is one of only 5 counties selected for Florida’s Hardest Hit Fund (HHF). The HHF provides you with $15,000 down payment/closing assistance that’s paid back at zero cost to you over the first five years you own your home!

Highlights of the Florida First Time Home Buyer Program:

• Down Payment Program – Qualified Brevard County residents receive $15,000 from the HHF that’s never repaid for down payment/closing costs.

• Only minimal upfront costs required.

• Receive a $2,000 refund (a Mortgage Credit Certificate) on your taxes every year you own your home and make your mortgage payments.

• Easy Credit Score requirements. You might be surprised to learn how low of a credit score qualifies.


Ask me why enrolling in Brevard’s First Time Homebuyer Program, if you qualify, may be the smartest decision you ever make. Whether you have additional down payment money or not, taking advantage of the $15,000 the program provides for down payment and closing costs is one smart choice. I’ll gladly show you the math and all the details, so you can learn how this amazing program works.


My first promise to you is that as your real estate buying representative I will not charge you even one penny for my services to you. All of my fees are paid by the seller of the property you buy. Even better than you not paying for my services, you may be eligible to receive $15,000 that never needs repayment to buy your first home. As a Florida Housing participating realtor, a real estate partner who has completed the course “Affordable Housing Solutions, What Every Realtor Should Know”, I promise to do all within my ability to successfully manage you through the Florida First Time Homebuyer program and into a home you will call your own. I will thoroughly explain to you how the program works, find you a reputable mortgage lender, and make sure you qualify for the highest valued home you can afford. Following that, I will find and show you homes that meet your desires and needs, get the best price and consideration as we go into contract, fluidly guide you through the contract to close process, and finally congratulate you as you receive the keys to your newly owned home.