Your Friend the Realtor

Many people choose a realtor because he or she is a friend or a friend of a friend. While this may work out for you, it is certainly not a recommended methodology for choosing any professional who is going to provide you with such a valuable service. For example, I recently spoke with a woman who has spent over two years looking for her family’s new home. They’d placed three offers on properties only to be rejected each time. She said one offer was $10,000 higher than what the property ended up selling for. On top of that they never received an official rejection from the selling agent. This was likely caused by poor communication between agents with the couple looking for their dream home ending up the losers. If you are a buyer kind in mind that we are in a market where Inventory is low, and prices are rising. Having a smart and hard working agent is of the utmost importance. Using a friend, while it is very noble, may not really be for the best as this couple is slowly learning.

Another example I heard is from a buyer whose agent is a friend of a friend. This buyer is frustrated because she calls her realtor on a Tuesday and he tells her he’ll gladly show her the house on Saturday. This buyer is left frustrated with her realtor and put in a difficult position to find her perfect house at a reasonable price. We are in a seller’s market and reasonably priced homes don’t usually last long.

When buying or selling a home keep your best interests in mind, rather than the interests of your friend. You will never be sorry that way.

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